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Traffic Solutions
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Service Sectors


We provide traffic engineering services to state, county and city governments. What we offer for other sectors below ultimately ties to local or state governments. Our services are scalable to the needs of our clients. Whether it is traffic operations, traffic studies, or traffic signal/ITS inspections, we're available to meet the needs. Our goal is to serve as extension of your staff.

Consulting Firms

We work with other engineering firms both large and small. If you don't offer some of the specialties we do, we provide resources to meet those needs on your projects. Even if you offer those services, we can augment it. In fact, most of our services to state and local governments is as sub-consultants to other engineering firms.


We provide traffic signal timing services for state and local government traffic signal contractors. In addition, we can assist contractors with field integration of communication and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices on various projects.

Other Private Firms

We provide array of services for other private entities. This includes traffic engineering studies for developments seeking traffic signal modifications as well as other entities seeking permits from state or local governments.

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