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Optimized Solutions

for safer, more efficient operation of transportation system


Metro Trafix

Who we are

Traffic congestion is among the top challenges, particularly in metropolitan regions in the US and throughout the world. While there are many congestion management and mitigation tools, efficient operation of existing system is key among them with high return on investment.

Metro Trafix is a traffic/transportation engineering firm based in the Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. The firm is founded in 2020 by Challa Bonja, P.E., PTOE after two decades of career both in the public and private sectors as well as co-founder of another engineering firm.


Metro Trafix offers array of tools and techniques to optimize operation, improve roadway safety and maximize operational efficiency. We employ data analysis to gain insights and understand underlying issues, apply engineering principles & judgement to deliver optimized solutions for our clients.


We bring decades of knowledge, skills and experience working on complex and challenging projects on heavily traveled arterial roadways in metropolitan areas. Our team is equipped with hands-on experience using the latest advanced technologies for transportation system operation and management.

What We Do


Fixing traffic problems is what we do. Our specialties include traffic signal timing, traffic operations studies, traffic safety analysis, signal/multi-way stop warrant analysis and emergency vehicle/railroad preemption programming. Please check here for additional list of services we offer. Our services are scalable to client needs and delivered with utmost care and quality.

Traffic Operations

Signal timing, troubleshooting, active corridor management, operational analysis

Traffic Studies

Traffic signal and multi-way stop warrant studies, traffic calming & corridor studies, safety analysis

Signal/ITS Inspection

Traffic signal/ITS cabinet inspection, malfunction troubleshooting, construction supervision & CEI

Who we serve

We provide traffic engineering services to state and local governments, contractors and consultants of state and local governments as well as other private entities seeking permits or required to comply with various government policies, regulations and ordinances. Please check here for a list of our service sectors.

Meet The Team
Challa Bonja
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"Doing what you like is freedom;

Liking what you do is happiness."

                                                Sudha Murty

Matt Duncan

Matt Duncan, P.E, PTOE

Principal Traffic Operations & Safety Engineer

Metro Trafix
With Us
Amenti Bonja

Amenti Bonja, EIT
Traffic Engineer

“Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.”

Come join our team and grow with us!

If you are an experienced engineer or technician and passionate about mentoring, team building, knowledge sharing while delivering solutions for clients, we have an immediate opening for you. Please send your resume to or fill your contact information below.

Are you a recent college graduate or don't have a lot of experience? No worries, you will get the best training and exciting projects. Stay in touch with us and just come with your passion of public service, willingness to learn new skills, and enthusiasm for problem solving. You will have a fun ride.

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