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Why Choose

Metro Trafix?

When it comes to hiring a consultant or contractor for services, we recognize you have many choices available. We won't boast as if we offer services not available elsewhere. So, why choose Metro Trafix? Below are some of the qualities which, combined together, makes us unique.

01. We Care

We deeply care about what we do. Service is what drives us. Client satisfaction is our goal. But, we look and go beyond that. In dealing with traffic, we have our client's clients in mind: the road users. We do everything we can to improve the safety and efficiency of transportation infrastructure for all users.

02. We Understand

We've been in your shoes. We've worked as employees of state government, local municipality, and consulting firm working with several cities, counties, states and private firms. We've worked with planners, engineers, technicians, elected officials, citizens, and contractors which helps us understand broad perspective of an issue at hand.

03. We're Experienced

We've several years of experience working on diverse types of projects of various sizes and complexity. Through this, we've gained broader and deeper knowledge, sharpened skills to offer innovative and unconventional solutions needed to match complex traffic challenges.

04. We Deliver - with Quality

Fueled with years of proven experience, equipped with knowledge and understanding, driven by passion to serve, we deliver solutions with quality and care. We use data and analysis to gain insights, apply sound engineering principles and judgment to deliver optimized solutions. Client satisfaction is our measure for success.

05. We're Cost Effective

It's often said that time, cost, and quality have inverse relation in a project. We don't entirely debunk this reality; but, we overcome the constraints with our efficiency from years of past experiences. Being small and agile, we can mobilize quickly, scale our services to client needs and make adjustments as needed. We function as extension of your team.

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