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Traffic Engineering
& Consulting Services

Our approach to solving challenging traffic issues comprises of data analysis to gain insights and understand underlying factors, application of  engineering principles & judgement, and delivering optimized solutions for our clients.

Our Core Areas of Services

We're driven by passion to serve, excellence in delivery, and client satisfaction as measure for success.

Our Services

Traffic Operations

Traffic signal timing, operational analysis, advanced features implementation and fine tuning, performance metrics and data analytics, etc.



Traffic signal & multi-way stop warrant analysis, intersection capacity & corridor traffic studies, safety analysis & improvement recommendations.

Signal/ITS Design & Inspections

Traffic signal/ITS design, field inspection of traffic signal cabinet, controller and other components including ITS devices, construction supervision and CEI services.


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How may we help you?

We would love to be of service to you. Please contact us with your needs. We enjoy solving challenging traffic problems. That is what we do.

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