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Amenti Bonja

Amenti Bonja, EIT, IMSA TS II
Traffic Engineer

Amenti Bonja is a graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his Engineering degree in 2020, a year unlike any other. He holds Engineer in Training (EIT) license, has taken and passed the Principles of Engineering (PE) exam and will be licensed as a Professional Engineer after meeting the years of experience requirements. He is ready to develop his skills and take his passion for problem solving to growing traffic challenges in metropolitan regions.

Amenti is enthusiastic about advanced technologies and engineering applications. He is excited both to learn and apply engineering and technology for safer and more efficient operation of transportation systems. He demonstrated a strong work ethic by supporting himself through his college years (well, with the help of scholarships, grants, and student loans). He is prepared to continue learning and put full energy on client service as he begins career in traffic engineering.


Amenti has completed several projects including signal timing, signal design, traffic studies, signal warrant analysis, traffic forecasting, road safety audits, traffic calming study and design for local agencies in Metro Atlanta and across the state for Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).

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